tetaplah mencintaiku: RISKY DOW 8000… is here now

I am Investor: menunggu keajaiban: SLOWLY but Surely…8000 level
G20 is now implementing largest fiscal stimulus, worth $5 trillion by end 2010; also agrees $500 bln for IMF: UK’s Brown 11:07am EDT reuters

… 5 T dolar buat MERANGSANG ORGASME EKONOMI GLOBAL bo… buset ruarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbiasa….. ooooooooooooooooooooooopssss… asal tau aja: KORBAN KEKALUTAN EKONOMI GLOBAL ADALAH 50 T dolar … sementara ASET TOTAL FINANSIAL GLOBAL ADALAH 500 T DOLAR …. jadi, 5T itu cuma 1% dari aliran aset total global … bisa ga yo … kalo viagra walo cuma sebutir pun uda bikin gempar semalaman bo … he3… ooopss, ga tau ya, kata pasien sih gitu … gw mah ga pernah cobain … he3
I am Investor: menunggu keajaiban: SLOWLY but Surely…8000 level
Dow Jones Industrial Average index had crossed the psychological level of 8000 …

so the next stop should be 9000 … is it possible? yes it is… how much probability percentage? maybe 100% in 100 years … he3…. ooopss, of course, in your cemetery … 80% until the end of April 2009 … I’m not 2 sure as always … just follow my animal instinct

yf:Wall Street Jumps on G20 Hope, Mark-to-Market Change; Dow Above 8,000- Reuters
Stocks rose for a third straight session on Thursday on optimism the G20 meeting in London will agree on ways to temper the economic crisis and that new U.S. accounting guidance will favor banks. World leaders will triple the war chest of the IMF to fight the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s and impose curbs on financial markets, monetary sources at the G20 summit said.


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