menunggu keajaiban: TIDAK BISA DISULAP sih

Dodge & Cox’s Assets Cut in Half by ‘Breathtakingly Bad’ Bets

By Charles Stein and Sree Vidya Bhaktavatsalam

March 9 (Bloomberg) — Dodge & Cox lost almost half of its assets in the past year, the most among the 20 largest U.S. mutual-fund companies, after sticking with financial stocks such as American International Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc.

Dodge & Cox’s stock and bond fund assets fell 47 percent to $79.4 billion in the 12 months ended Jan. 31, according to data compiled by Financial Research Corp. in Boston. That compared with an industry average decline of 33 percent, according to the Boston-based firm.

… reksa dana berbasis saham finansial amrik JELAS PALING PARAH HASILNYA, dan bego

Biggest asset declines
12 months ended Jan. 31

Firm Jan. 2009 Assets 12-Month Decline
Dodge & Cox          $79.4 Billion      47%
Legg Mason           $68.9 Billion      45%
Van Kampen Inv. $43.2 Billion      43%
OppenheimerFunds $92.4 Billion  41%
Janus Capital $54.6 Billion              41%
Columbia Management $77.2 Billion 39%
Fidelity Inv.* $525.4 Billion            39%

Source: Financial Research Corp.
Includes stock and bond mutual-fund assets only, and excludes
money-market funds. Ranking drawn from 20 largest fund companies.


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