double yu be in the bloody streets…

WB akhirnya masuk juga pada saat orang laen ketakutan yaitu di goldman sachs, yang sudah bermetamorfosis menjadi bank beneran, di bawah asuhan the fed … tapi kritik2nya pada Wall Street tetap berjalan:

Buffett specializes in buying undervalued companies. But until now, he’s been notably absent as financial-services stocks plunged this year.
The billionaire investor has been particularly critical of some investment banks’ reliance on computer models to manage risk.
The Goldman investment is Buffett’s first in an investment bank since 1991. That year, he became the largest shareholder of Salomon Brothers after the firm almost collapsed in the midst of a trading scandal. The Berkshire chairman salvaged the business, but his investment didn’t generate much profit.
“The worst thing you can have is models and spreadsheets,” Buffett told Fortune magazine earlier this year. “At Salomon, they had all these models, and you know, they fell apart.”
That experience probably soured Buffett’s view of brokerage firms, making him less likely to get involved in bailouts of companies like Bear Stearns, investors said earlier this year.
Alistair Barr is a reporter for MarketWatch in San Francisco.


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